Lighting Ultra Slim Jump Start

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The RP Ultra Slim is the world’s smallest jump starter, there is not another unit on the market that compares in size or power!!
It can charge your cell phone multiple times on a full charge!
It has multiple jump start capabilities on your vehicle of choice and POWER WHEN YOU NEED IT MOST!!!
LED lights display shows the current battery status.
The extremely high powered LED flashlight has 3 different patterns including SOS and Strobe, it also has a 1400-2700 luminous range!
It can hold a charge up to six months without use.
All Japanese internals (Panasonic cells and CPU’s), which gives the upper hand with your competition!!
6500 true mAH battery, Lithium Polymer Battery, which is the same technology as the battery in the Prius!
It is 8 oz about the size of most cell phones, fits in your pockets or purse with ease!
The RP Ultra Slim unit has a welded case, which ensures the durability of the product.
Eye catching design that appeals to ANY and ALL markets! Easy to understand what the Lightning Pak’s do.
This compact design is a fully functioning power source for everyday use or “ just in case”.
Provides PEACE OF MIND…. Don’t get stuck with out your lightning Pak!!!
The only place to get an RP Ultra Slim is Lil Lightning Inc., we own the exclusive rights to the U.S.