Chap FAQ's

Measure around the thickest part of the thigh. Then use the size chart to find the closest fit.

Prepare a few things; a flexible tape measure or a string and ruler, a notepad or piece of paper, and something to write with.  Next, wrap the flexible tape or string around the thickest part of the thigh.  Then write down the measurement of the thigh.  Use our size chart to find the closest match.

Because the waist is adjustable 2 inches smaller or larger in front, and up to 6 or more inches in the back, it's not as important as the thigh measurement.

Most chaps have a 32 to 36-inch inseam and leather will not fray, so it can be trimmed to length

Next Day usually arrives the next business day after the package is in the shipping carriers system.

Start with the belt.  Ideally you will be centered on the spine, and the buckle will be using the middle eyelet.  Wrap them around the belt line of a standard pair pants.

Next unzip and unbutton each leg.  Wrap the leg of the chaps from front to back between the legs and around to the side. Then zip them down and snap the snaps.  Repeat for the second leg.

Give each leg a gentle tug down so they rest where they will after some walking around.

It is best done with a partner, but you will want to prepare with a ruler and something that will leave a visible mark on the chaps. 

Next put your chaps on and stand normally looking straight ahead, because if you bend to see it can cause the mark to be incorrect.

Have your partner put a mark on the chaps where they come together to be zipped and have them make a mark where the chaps meet the ground.

Take the chaps off and use the ruler to complete the mark across the chaps.  Match it up on the other leg and repeat.

Now you need to make a choice, to cut or to hem?

If you cut them you will need a good pair of scissors and a way to secure the seam, although we punch a hole and use a rivet in our store, it may be more convenient to have it stitched.  If you hem them, you will need some leather glue and turn them under where the mark is made.  

We suggest you wait to cut your chaps until you are sure you want to keep them.  You can review our return policy here.

We will gladly exchange or return you chaps within 30 days of purchase if the item meets our return / exchange criteria found here. .