The Rider's Wish List

A Wish List of Riding Gear

Make it Easy for Your Loved Ones to Buy for You This Christmas!

A Wish List is a marvelous tool. You can use it to simplify your shopping life and make gift-giving easier for your friends and family. You might be looking at a heated vest and see the heated gloves that are new this year. Your old heated gloves are getting a bit shabby, but you just don’t want to spend that money until you’ve researched what other gloves are available. Put those new gloves on your Wish List. Then, when you have time, you can do the research and either buy the gloves or de-list them.

Or, maybe the budget just won’t handle the gear you want this month. Maybe you want several kinds of luggage because you plan some long trips next year. Go ahead and pick out what you like and then put it on your Wish List. You can buy that luggage whenever you want to, one piece at a time, or all at once. A Wish List is a great incentive to save up for the motorcycle gear you want.

Maybe you’re trying to decide between two (or more) helmets and want to get advice from another motorcycle enthusiast. Put the helmets on your Wish List and then share the list. Then you can be sure the advice you’re getting is really about the helmets you’re trying to decide between.

The Wish List is very useful when you are lucky enough to have people who want to give you motorcycle gear. You can pick out just what you want, in your size, in the color you prefer. It’s polite to list a variety of items in a range of prices, so those who give to you have a choice. Then, you share the list with those who want to give you a gift and they can order a gift that’s sure to please.

The Wish List works the other way around, too. Suppose you want to give a gift of motorcycling gear, but you don’t know what the recipient wants. Maybe you’re a husband who wants to buy leather pants for his wife. Put several styles of pants on your Wish List, include the sizes you think might fit, and share the Wish List with your wife. She can de-list what she doesn’t like and what won’t fit. Then you can choose pants you know she will like and wear. (It is perfectly legit to use this opportunity to add to the list some items you’d like—just as hints.)

To make a Wish List on Eagle Leather's new website, you can use the Registry feature. All you have to do is create an account on our website and click "Add to List" on any item you like (the button is right beside "Add to Cart"). If you add something to a list, you can name the list and save multiple items to it. If you try to add something to your list and you are not an Eagle Leather online account member, don't worry! The system will prompt you to create an account once you add an item to your list.

Happy Wishing!

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