The Motorcycle Helmet 5 Year Rule.

You’ve heard about the five-year rule for replacing motorcycle helmets (or bicycling or skateboarding or other helmets). It’s based on the deterioration that’s caused when the helmet is worn. Materials used in helmet production such as glues and resins affect liner materials. Oils in hair, cosmetics, and the like also contribute to helmet degradation. Petroleum-based products in cleaners, paint, fuel and so on can also degrade materials used in some helmets.

Five years is an average. The time to replace your helmet depends on how much and how hard you use it. And, if even one of these things is true—it’s time to replace:

  • The helmet has met with an impact.
  • The helmet feels loose. Fasten the retention system and then gently shake your head. If the helmet turns to the side, it’s no longer safe to use.
  • The padding or retention system seems worn or loose.
  • You can see indentations in the EPS liner or white “scratch marks” on a dark helmet.

Consult our experts at Eagle Leather and keep safe while you enjoy the ride.

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