It’s Best to Make a Maintenance Schedule and Stick to It

It is best to make a maintenance schedule and stick to it | Eagle Leather

You should keep a strict maintenance schedule to ensure your motorcycle is always in peak condition. Divide maintenance into daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and yearly tasks.

Every Time You Ride

Here are the tasks you should perform EVERY time you intend on riding your motorcycle.

  • First, you should check all fluid levels, including coolant, oil, and brake fluid.
  • Check your throttle cable. It should operate smoothly and return to its proper closed position.
  • Make sure the level notches or steering lock don’t interfere with cable operation.
  • Check your brake pedal and ensure it works properly.
  • Confirm that the steering movement is smooth and unrestricted, and that your horn and lights work as intended.
  • Test the stands to see if they return to the optimal position.
  • Always inspect tire pressure and tread.

Weekly Tasks

These tasks will be due either every week or after 200 miles.

  • Ensure your battery is working correctly. Check if it needs a distilled water top-up.
  • Lubricate the control cables if needed.
  • Inspect the braking disks and pads. If they’re worn out, have them replaced immediately.
  • Make any necessary drum brake adjustments
  • Inspect your motorcycle visually. Look for potential leaks or loose parts.

Monthly Tasks

Monthly maintenance can also take place after 1,000 miles.

  • Look at your spark plugs and clean them. If you notice any deposit that isn’t light brown, that may be a sign of an issue.
  • Inspect the control cables and make sure they’re adjusted properly.
  • Check the control lever pivots and lubricate them if necessary.

Quarterly Tasks

Perform these tasks every three months or after 2,500 miles.

  • Perform a check-up on the bearings of the steering head and wheel. Grease the bearings or replace if needed.
  • Inspect your exhaust system and check for leaks.

Semi-Annual Tasks

Check these systems every six months or after 5,000 miles.

  • If your motorcycle has a carburetor, adjust its synchronization.
  • Inspect the overflow pipes and look for missing or blocked pipes. If you find any, replace them.

Annual Tasks

These tasks should be done yearly or after 10,000 miles.

  • Check and replace your spark plugs.
  • Inspect and replace bushings, bearings, and linkage.

Proper Maintenance Is the Key to Safety

Keeping your motorcycle well-maintained will pay off in spades. You’ll be more secure on the road and your machine will have a longer, more dependable, lifetime.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to maintain your own gear. After all, even the best bike won’t compensate for improper gear. Visit Eagle Leather and ensure you’re just as prepared to head out on the highway as your motorcycle.

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