Helmet Care

Safety Tip of the Week
Care For Your Helmet And It Will Care For You

How you care for your motorcycle helmet affects not only how long it lasts, but how effective it will be in

protecting you when you need it. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Stick with the mildest of the soaps the manufacturer

recommends. Don’t use any cleaning fluid that’s petroleum-based on any helmet, but especially not on polycarbonate helmets.

Using the wrong cleaning fluid could possibly cause your helmet to decompose. Be sure to keep the face shield clean.

Mild soap and water will do the trick.

If the shield gets scratched, replace it. Scratches can be a real problem, especially when you’re riding at night. Treat your

helmet as though it’s fragile. When you take it off, don’t drop it; place it on a smooth surface. Don’t hang helmets from handlebars

or mirrors and keep them away from heat. Damage might not be visible on the outside, but the impact absorbing liner could melt

like a Styrofoam cup does. Protect your helmet from gasoline and other fumes. A helmet bag is a good idea. Above all, read and follow

the manufacturer’s instructions and replace your helmet when its time has come.

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