Finding The Right Motorcycle Riding school

Motorcycle riding schools fall into several categories from basic, advanced, racing, and dirt.  So, it is important to make sure you pick the right one for your purpose and skill level.

Basic rider licensing and training

This is the most common and many states will require this to get your license.  The instruction is the most basic, but it'll take you from zero skills to applying for your license. These classes are geared for street bike riders, and often will provide all the safety equipment you need as well as a bike to practice with.

Advanced rider training

These schools are geared for street riders who want to improve their skills and get to that next level. Typically operated by the same foundations or schools that have set up the basic motorcycle rider training schools, they are usually offered by racetracks, or other expert riders.

Racing association schools

Many racing associations will require you to take one of their courses before you can take part in an event. These classes can be held at your local racetrack, but you'll need your own equipment and track prepared bike.

Racing Schools

Different from Racing Association Schools, these are often run by former racers, and can be either held at one track or at different tracks as the instructor tours the country. These classes usually last several days and are a great opportunity for a nice vacation for advanced riders. Can you imagine what it is like meeting and hanging out with famous racers, getting firsthand riding tips, and plenty of time on the track?  You can see why these are popular with advanced riders.

Dirt bike schools

Many times, dirt bike schools offer basic and advanced training. This training is becoming more and more popular for adventure riders. Your local motorcycle shop, like Eagle Leather, will likely be able to give you a good idea of what's out there.

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